Here at Cutlacks we offer an extensive range of preserving items. Whether you’re a first time preservative maker or a seasoned expert, we can offer you everything you need. We also stock the well-known brand Kilner.

Choose from a large selection of preserving jars including screw top jars, jam jars and clip jars, not to mention a vast number of bottles. These preserving jars and bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes so there’s bound to be something to suit your needs whether you’re preserving jams, marmalades or chutneys.

A few of the other preserving products we stock include muslin cloths, cheese bags, straining bags in a variety of colours and patterns, labels, jam jar lids, spare lids and much more.

If you’re new to preserving why not treat yourself to a maslin pan – the perfect equipment in which to make preservatives.