At Cutlacks we believe in stocking every product you could possibly need. As such, in recent years our bakeware selection has grown significantly.

An essential part of creating beautiful and full-flavour breads is the proving process, and having a good bread proving basket/ banneton is a critical part of this.

We now stock a range of bread proving baskets, bannetons and cloths, for your bread-making needs.

We also offer a wide range of baking tins, loaf tins, Yorkshire pudding tins, bun tins, springform cake tins, traditional enamel bakeware, ceramic bakeware and many other bakeware products.

We stock specialist cake decorating equipment which makes cake-making fun and easy. From cake decorating products to cake display products, we’ve got it all.  

With well-known brands such as ICTC, Wilton and Knightsbridge, it’s no wonder our specialist cake decoration stock has done so well. We can offer you everything you need and more to add the finishing touches to cakes, biscuits and any baking project you’ve undertaken.

Visit one of our stores in Cambridge or Ely now, links to map below, and chat to our friendly, experienced staff.

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