Robert Welch - Kitchen Knives

Signature Kitchen Knives
Designed in consultation with professional chefs, the Robert Welch Signature collection are award winning kitchen knives and are fully forged from German stainless steel with a hand applied 15° Japanese-style edge for superior sharpness The handles are made from tactile DuPont™ and is ergonomically shaped for comfort, balance and to minimise fatigue.

All Signature knives are gift boxed, have a 25 year guarantee, and are dishwasher safe.

The Robert Welch Signature range includes:
  • Signature Bread Knife - 22cm
  • Signature Carving Knife - 20cm
  • Signature Carving Knife - 23cm
  • Signature Meat Carving Fork - 17cm
  • Signature Carving Set - Small
  • Signature Cook's Knife - 12cm
  • Signature Cook's Knife - 14cm
  • Signature Cook's Knife - 16cm
  • Signature Cook's Knife - 18cm
  • Signature Cook's Knife - 20cm
  • Signature Cook's Knife - 25cm
  • Signature Flexible Filliting Knife - 16cm
  • Signature Flexible Utility Knife - 16cm
  • Signature Kitchen Knife - 12cm
  • Signature Kitchen Knife - 14cm
  • Signature Santoku Knife - 11cm
  • Signature Santoku Knife - 14cm
  • Signature Santoku Knife - 17cm
  • Signature Deep Santoku Knife - 17cm
  • Signature Slicing Knife - 30cm
  • Signature Flexible Slicing Knife - 30cm
  • Signature Tomato Knife - 14cm (serrated)
  • Signature Utility Knife - 12cm (serrated)
  • Signature Vegetable/Paring Knife - 8cm
  • Signature Vegetable/Paring Knife - 10cm
  • Signature Sharpening Steel - 23cm
Also available are Robert Welch Signature knife blocks, Robert Welch Signature drawer racks, as well as the Robert Welch Signature Hand-held Knife Sharpener.

Please note we now stock these knives in our Cambridge store as well as our Ely store.