Hug Rug - Bathroom

Brighten up your bathroom with a splash of colour and soak up any spills at the same time. They can absorb up to 3x their own weight in water and get better with every wash. So go on, splach about as much as you like!
  • Long lasting - HugRug use a heavyweight rubber combikned with a specially designed extra strong, fibre membrane to bond the fibres to the backing
  • Anti-slip - The waffle design combined with the soft latex rubber allows grip on hard polished surfaces and carpets to stop teh mat from slipping or creeping - ideal for all areas of your home
  • Anti-stain - The stable rubber compound backing is designed not to leave marks, is non-damaging and contains non-staining antioxidants. The backing is also free from both vinyl and PVC
  • Machine washable at 30°C - Due to the strong bonding layer and the flexible rubber backing the mats can be washed over and over again. The tuft surface becomes more absorbent once washed
  • 100% recyclable - At the end of the mats life it is fully recyclable

HugRugs trap up to 95% of dust, wet mud and dirt – The special cotton fibres soak up moisture which reduces any slip hazards from wet floors, gets deep into the tread of shoes and paws, so protecting carpets and floors which reduces cleaning. They are easy to clean becoming more absorbent with each wash.

HugRugs are manufactured using recycled cotton which is then combined with a new advanced microfibre, which is thinner than a human hair, this microfibre is extremely clever, is able to attract dirt and dust molecules very efficiently, in fact they can absorb over 3 times their own weight in water or liquid without letting any water through onto the floor!

Microfibre is a hypoallergenic material that is easily cleaned between uses - so eliminating the possibility of bringing external allergens into your home. Simplicity itself to clean and washes at 30°C

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